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  • Accu-flo® is a server-based electronic medication administration system which automates the process of administering, documenting, and re-ordering medications. Accu-flo allows center staff to focus safely on quality patient care.
  • Already using another eMAR System? ElderCare Pharmacy integrates with over 40 Electronic Medical Records (EMR/eMar systems) and more than 10 Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems.


  • WebConnect™ allows nursing centers to request new orders, refill prescriptions, add or update patient information, print refill reports, medication administration forms, or charts. It also allows the center nurses to check for food and drug interactions.
  • DocuTrack™ is a paperless document management system that helps us to increase productivity, reduce cost, reduce waste, and enhance customer communication. DocuTrack™ allows our associates to receive, manage, organize, and retrieve documents quickly and efficiently.


  • Our TCGRx ATP Series® is a comprehensive integrated pharmacy automation system that brings together inventory management, compliance packaging, collation, and distribution. This multi-dose compliance pouch packaging system allows the pharmacy to send medication in shorter cycle fill increments to better meet center needs.
  • InspectRx™ 
    After pouches are generated from the ATP® Series, InspectRx™ helps to ensure that the right pill is in the right pouch for the right patient. InspectRx™ compares every pill with the information printed on the reverse side. Both sides are photographed and archived in a self-maintained database and viewable for a staff member to check each one electronically.